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Community vans

1980260_627112820677735_8044548559354384574_o.jpgThe Support Group owns two 8-seater vans (excl driver), one is based in Tryphena and the other at Okiwi. The Northern van was purchased in early 2014 with funding awarded by the Great Barrier Local Board. Primarily for use by the youth of the island, the van is also used to transport seniors to Arts and Crafts on Mondays most weeks and the northern van to take patients to the Nurses Cottage in Port Fitzroy on doctors days. Both vans are also regularly used to bring guests to the Over 60s events from North and South.

Every Monday, at least during school term time, the van leaves Mulberry Grove School at 9:30am and returns from Claris at 1:30. Please call the office on 465 to arrange a pick up.

The vans are available for use on a discretionary basis by other community groups when needed, but not for private use. You have to register with the Support Group as a driver with a valid drivers license to be insured. 

A small koha contribution to running costs is appreciated, if you can afford it: $5 between locations in the South and the North respectively, and $10 to go from North and South. The return is free. Children go free.

We are always looking for volunteer drivers.

Contact us to find out more.

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